How to go about getting lease extensions on flats

Getting extension of lease on flats is a complex task. Below are the steps for getting lease extension on flats.

Steps for getting lease extensions

  1. Inform the freeholder of for rent extension and that you will be seeking after the statutory course.

  2. Appoint lease extension specialist with mastery in the field to get the right lease extension advice

  3. Find a valuation surveyor with mastery in leasehold augmentation enactment and the nearby property advertise.

  4. Make a formal offer. You should serve occupants' notice – your specialist will ready to deal with this.

  5. Pay the store on the off chance that one is required by the proprietor. In the event that the landowner requires a deposit, this should be paid within 14 days, so it's imperative to have this cash promptly accessible.

  6. Negotiate a cost. Your specialist will prompt or can deal with this.

On the off chance that the freeholder doesn't acknowledge the sum you've offered you should arrange. At that point on the off chance that regardless you can't go to an understanding, you should apply to the First Tier Tribunal. However, good lease extension advice from the specialist is to avoid it.

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